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Black Lives Matter : le communiqué envoyé par Yannick Bolloré, CEO d’Havas, aux 20 000 collaborateurs du groupe à travers le monde



Yannick Bolloré, CEO d'Havas

Face à la vague de protestation à travers le monde contre le racisme et les discriminations, de grands groupes déclarent leur engagement en faveur de cette lutte. Le magazine américain “Campaign” vient de dévoiler le communiqué envoyé par Yannick Bolloré, CEO d’Havas, aux 20 000 collaborateurs du groupe à travers le monde. Voici le texte intégrale du communiqué (en anglais) :

As a network, we represent 20,000 people in over 100 countries. Within this, there are different cultures, different languages, different skin tones. We would not exist without our villages around the world and without the people, communities and cultures that fill them.

The agency community as a whole, and our business, is far from perfect. We have much to do and learn. But what we know without question is that we stand firmly with great pride for all of our people, and our broader communities, and for their equal right to inclusion, opportunity and justice no matter their skin tone, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, differences in ability or any other demographic factor.

North America, which represents a large part of our organization, is in pain right now. The black community and our black employees in particular are hurting deeply. There has been massive public action, including riots across the US and Canada over the last week, in response to the senseless death of George Floyd and the many others before him. Many of these cities are places where we have villages and where our employees and their loved ones work and live. Many of our employees are impacted directly, some fearing for their personal safety or the safety of their loved ones and communities. Our entire workforce globally is impacted by this as they watch these events unfold and confront these issues within their own countries. This is happening while our people around the globe continue to cope with the impact of Covid-19.

Please know that none of you are alone. Our power as a creative company is in our community, in our village. We stand together against discrimination, we acknowledge and respect each of your cultures and we state with utmost strength – black.lives.matter.

This Friday, we are going to honor a day dedicated to reflection and solidarity, echoing the actions of our great friends at UMG who are doing the same thing tomorrow. The purpose of this day is to contemplate our roles in improving racial justice and diversity in and outside of our business, to take personal action or to do whatever you feel best serves you, your personal journey, your loved ones and your communities. For those of you who are impacted directly, this day may be used to mourn and heal.

We are actively working on additional resources, programming and actions and will be sharing them both at the global and village/agency level in the coming weeks. We want to thank those of you who have reached out to support our black employees and who have acted quickly to support this cause. We need your ideas and input as we work on this as a company. Please contact your local HR leaders who have been gathering resources and ways to engage from across the business if you would like to get involved. Most importantly, your mental wellbeing is paramount during this time. If you need support, please contact your leadership and HR teams across the globe at any time as they are here to support you.

As a company, we draw strength from our diversity. We send our personal commitment to be a part of the solution and are here to listen, learn and support now and always.

Yannick Bolloré

CEO Havas Group


La pub Schweppes devenue “symbole de la diversité”



Lorsqu’en 1988, Schweppes utilise pour un spot publicitaire un titre enregistré en 1969 par Chico Buarque, la France se met à avoir des sueurs.

Il serait toutefois très réducteur de limiter cet énorme succès à la sensualité torride d’un clip qui étirait sur 2’42 les images du spot TV.

“Essa moça tá diferente” est aussi un titre magique, faussement entraînant, empreint d’une douce mélancolie : pour cause, Chico Buarque l’a enregistré alors qu’il était exilé en Italie. Quelques mois plus tôt, il croupissait dans une prison, soumis au harcèlement de la dictature militaire qui tenait le Brésil.

Avec Caetano Veloso, Elis Regina, Gilberto Gil et quelques autres, Chico Buarque est à la fin des années 60 l’un des principaux acteurs du “MPB” : un nom de code qui désigne la “musica popular brasileira”, croisement de bossa nova, de samba, de jazz et de rock, sur fond de militantisme politique. Difficile d’imaginer que tout ceci se terminerait par un clip sponsorisé par Schweppes, devenu une ode magnifique à la beauté du métissage.

Ce spot de pub ouvrira la porte à toute une série de tubes de l’été latinos, particulièrement “La Lambada”, dont les clips magnifiaient tout autant la diversité.

30 ans plus tard, en 2018, Schweppes (via son agence BETC) produit un spot anémié, indigent et aseptisé, avec le slogan lunaire “What do you expect“, sur une musique soporifique des Chemical Brothers… Qu’on en juge :

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OMNICOM (agences TBWA, DDB, BBDO,…) dévoile les statistiques diversité de ses effectifs US !



Omnicom Releases US Workforce Diversity Data as Part of Broader Action Plan

Less than 3% of executives are Black

By Minda Smiley

Omnicom has released the makeup of its workforce in the U.S. as part of a broader plan to achieve “systemic equity” at the holding company.

In a staff memo, Omnicom CEO John Wren shared its U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data, which is broken into three categories: executive managers, mid-level managers and professionals. According to the report, 2.7% of its executive managers are Black, 7.2% are Asian, and 4.9% are Hispanic.

At the “professionals” level, 5.5% of employees are Black, 11.1% are Asian, and 10.3% are Hispanic.

Its numbers are largely in line with those of the other major advertising holding companies that have released similar data. At Dentsu Aegis Network, IPG, Havas and Publicis, Black employees hold less than 3% of executive roles. WPP and MDC Partners have not released their workforce diversity data, although the former has indicated that it plans to.

“Understanding and providing transparency in where we currently stand is a necessary first step in committing to change and paving a path forward,” Wren said in the memo.

The staffing breakdown comes roughly two months after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, which Wren called “tragic and heartbreaking” in an email he sent to staffers on June 1. In the email, he said diversity and inclusion are two of Omnicom’s “core values.”

In addition to revealing its workforce data, Omnicom has laid out an eight-part plan called OPEN 2.0 that Wren said will help the company reach systemic equity across the organization. According to Wren, it aims to “attain equal representation, development, support and retention of marginalized groups,” particularly in the U.S., for BIPOC employees.

The eight steps include:

1. Expand the OPEN leadership team: The Omnicom People Engagement Network (OPEN) encompasses its employee resource groups and diversity, inclusion and equity (DE&I) efforts, led by chief diversity officer Tiffany R. Warren and includes 15 other executives across its various agencies. According to Omnicom, the team will be “expanded and further supported.” Additionally, the CEOs of each network and practice area will have a diversity director as a direct report.

2. Attract and recruit talent: Omnicom’s agencies, which include BBDO, DDB and TBWA, will “promote our DE&I programs and initiatives,” though no additional information was provided.

3. Provide development opportunities: Establish a Talent Advocacy Program that pairs an individual with a mentor who can advocate for their mentee’s success and advancement.

4. Retain and grow employees: A new networking-focused Talent Advancement Program will allow HR and recruiting professionals to source talent across various agencies to “more efficiently and effectively provide career advancement.”

5. Update clients on progress: A new Client DE&I Communications Program will regularly update clients on initiatives and accomplishments. As part of this, Omnicom plans to expand supplier diversity programs.

6. Implement partnerships: Identify organizations that its agencies “enthusiastically support” to offer professional services on a pro-bono basis.

7. Expand training programs: Build training programs designed to “create awareness and sensitivity to issues regarding DE&I, such as global mandatory unconscious bias training.”

8. Establish accountability: Each agency “will have specified actions, with deadlines, to ensure advancement of DE&I initiatives,” with CEOs held accountable.

“We have always said our people are our No. 1 priority, and this plan puts our words into action. Small gestures, quick reactions and disparate efforts will never be enough to create the systemic equity we strive to achieve,” Wren concluded in the memo, adding that the plan was developed to maintain “energy and focus for years to come.”

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Havas rachète officiellement l’agence Buzzman



C’est la nouvelle de l’année dans le milieu de la publicité. Le groupe indépendant français Havas, créé en 1835, s’offre cet été Buzzman, l’agence indépendante la plus créative de France.

Les rumeurs couraient déjà tout l’été et notamment sur la croisette. C’est maintenant officiel. Avec un investissement à hauteur de 51% dans le capital de Buzzman, le groupe de Yannick Bolloré s’offre l’agence de Georges Mohammed-Chérif qui devrait garder une totale autonomie.

Le rachat, d’un montant d’environ 22 millions d’euros, devrait permettre à l’agence Buzzman de tirer profit de certains atout du groupe Havas (comme la data) tout en conservant son indépendance, explique Georges Mohammed-Cherif dans Stratégies. De son côté, Havas réussi désormais à aligner un trio redoutable sur le marché, constitué de BETC, Rosapark et Buzzman. L’objectif d’Havas sera donc de créer une cohérence dans cette offre, en évitant le cannibalisme entre ses agences.

À l’heure où la croissance du marché de la publicité augmente timidement ces dernières années comme l’avait rappelé Mercedes Erra dans son élocution cet été, ce rachat permet d’ajouter du dynamisme dans l’industrie et d’offrir de nouvelles perspectives. C’est même “un vrai signal de résistance” selon Yannick Bolloré.

Source : Gabriel Teisson – – 05/09/19

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